miercuri, 21 decembrie 2011

Ad Break

Except for that of a dog, or that of a mother (birth or not) to a child, there is no such thing as love. Just good marketing (conducted consciously or not). Only seldom, and only if you are really lucky, what you see is actually what you get. But, more often than not, once you fall for the ad and you take the "product" at your home, after the first few hours, days, weeks or maybe months (depending on the quality of the material), you find hidden flaws that backfire when you least expect it. What can you do, since getting a refund is not an option? You either find that you've grown fond of the "product" and that it's hard to just dump it and get a new one, so you just take your miserable little self and make do with what you've got, or you discover you don't give a shit and just go out there and see what the market has to offer. 

Should you decide on the second solution, you again have two possibilities: either learn your lesson and try to see beyond the sales strategy, or be a sucker for all the pretty colors and get stung once more. Of course, there is always a third option: decide to never buy again and go through life from one trial version to the next. At least, this way you won't regret having bought from the old catalog...

However, if, like me, you are loyal to a brand, I'm afraid you don't have that many options: just bite your fingernails, light another cigarette, swallow up that "up yours" you have been muttering, suck it in and keep doing what it was you were doing. You, my friend, are a sitting duck for a good salesman. Or woman, for that matter...

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