miercuri, 13 iulie 2011

Three Hours Of Damn Good Medicine

Last Sunday I got high. I didn't sniff, I didn't smoke, I just listened. How does one man gain control of more that 50,000 in a sec? The instant I saw the band on stage, I forgot I was ever hot, thirsty, sweaty and with sore feet from the long wait in the July sun. Every single person in the audience of the Bon Jovi concert in Bucharest had the distinct feeling the band was there for them, and them alone. I sang, I cheered, I screamed, I wished Richie happy birthday, Hell, I even cried when they sang Bed of Roses...

I am 31 now, but for more than 10 years of my life I had Bon Jovi posters on the walls of my room and not even an earthquake could unglue me from the TV when In These Arms was on... I was never a fan in the exact meaning of the word; first, I just knew Jon and Richie sang great and looked good - give me a break, I was a teen, we only go skin deep at 15. Then I started paying attention to the words and they touched something deep inside of me. And it stayed there. It raises its pretty head every time I hear one of their songs. That's why this show was everything I hoped it would be. The incredible energy, the pure passion coming out through their pores... That's Love, That's life. That's Bon Jovi. That's one man who, through 3 hours of live singing, twisting and shouting, never skipped a beat. His voice never wandered, his smile never left his face. His warmth never left the square where he sang. That's another man who, after having faught and won the war he waged on the dark side of himself, went up on stage to make love to that guitar. My God, those solos...
You wanted to make a memory? Well, you did. You guys proved you weren't born to follow. You were born to lead. To set trends. To become the icons that you are.

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  1. Dearest Laura, I hope that you sang for me, too. I was in Pecs, far from Bucharest but my heart beats when Bon Jovi sang to U. I'm happy for you to be there. Ma-nclin! (n-are corolar in engleza)

  2. Why, thanks a bunch, dearest Irina! Pup

  3. Nu e un "de ce" propriu-zis, e un soi de "măi, să fie..." :)

  4. Of, nuanţele astea... ne omoară :)


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